Yankum 1"x30' long Kinetic Rope Rattle

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Recommended for recovery vehicles that weigh 7,200 - 10,249 pounds.

Best for 3/4 - 1 ton Trucks and Heavy SUVs

Breaking Strength: 33,500 lbs.

Stuck? This diameter size is best utilized in anything from 3/4 ton pickup trucks to large SUV's. Why is this better than traditional flat webbing straps? Yankum Ropes delivers extra linear force and added kinetic energy that give you the power of momentum. This rope was designed for professionals but made to serve anyone who needs an extra tug. This rope was made for your farm truck to make sure you can get the job done and be home in time for supper. It’s built to stretch and perform.

This Mil-Spec quality product is made out of the best Double Braided rope. We use our “Code Red” Polymeric coating to protect against UV, water and abrasion as well as dip the eyes in a thick, protective rubber coating to ensure extended life where it matters most. Yankum Ropes are not towing ropes. They are designed for recovery.

Remember to pair the recovery rope with the recovery vehicle, NOT the stuck vehicle. 

  • For use on vehicles that weigh 7,200 to 10,249 lbs
  • Minimum Tensile Strength of 33,500 lbs
  • WLL 6,700 - 11,200 lbs
  • Double Braid Nylon Build
  • Polymeric Coating
  • Sealed Against Stain and Water
  • UV Resistant
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Made in USA


  • Soft Shackle Size - 7/16"
  • Hard Shackle Size - 7/8"
  • Bag Size – Medium
  • Rope Chafe Sleeve

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