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Surface Style: Flat Surface
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This is one of the simplest and coolest ways to add Maxtrax or other traction boards to the side of your van. These mounts use neodymium magnets that are guaranteed to stay attached to the van in even the roughest terrain. A soft coating on the magnet keeps your paint safe. 

Two Options - These magnetic mounts come in two options. Flat mounting and Adjustable. For vans the flat mounts work well because the sides and roof are basically flat and the magnets fit very well. If you're planning on mounting to a curved or uneven surface, then you are going to want the adjustable. These would be for a hood or side of truck that is curved. 

Advantage of Magnetic Mounts - For anyone who has spent time in the snow or sand, the value of traction boards is clear. While they can be a critical piece of your offroad gear, you don't need them all the time. Therefore a magnetic mount that allows you to easily add to or remove the boards from your van is perfect. 

Security - Although the point of these mounts are to be easily removed, others will not know they are magnets and assume they are permanently mounted. If additional security is required, you can run a cable to a tire carrier etc. 


  • Works on any vehicle that is steel with a flat (ish) surface
  • To mount to a curved surface select "Adjutable from the purchase options"
  • Includes 4 neodymium magnets with 110lbs of holding force, for a total of 440lbs
  • Will not fall off on the road, at highway speeds, or on rough terrain
  • Fits two traction boards (sold separately)
  • Includes soft durable coating on the magnets to protect the van
  • We have tested fitment with Maxtrax, and Action Tracks. It may fit other manufacturers as well. 
  • Always ensure all magnets have full contact on the metal surface
  • Made in Switzerland by Tactic Vans

Customers outside of the US can order directly from Tactic Vans. Owl is the exclusive US distributor for Tactic Vans

Lead Time -  In Stock 



Please note - Although the magnets are soft coated, always ensure the paint is clean before mounting the magnets. If there is dirt between the magnets and the van, it could cause minor paint damage 


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