Owl Sprinter Trim Weatherproofing Kit (2007- 2024) **Free Shipping in Canada**

Sale price$83.00 CAD


Many people do not know that the Sprinter trim is not waterproof from the factory and doing nothing can mean water leaking inside the door. Over the years this can cause moisture problems as well as rust. With this weatherproofing kit, you can simply and effectively waterproof your van in about 20 minutes.

30 feet of weatherproofing will work for 144” van & 40 feet for the 170”

Weatherstripping now stocked in Canada and includes free ground courier shipping.

  • Fits Sprinters and Revels 2007- Present (NCV3 & VS30)
  • Includes 30’ (144" van) or 40’ (170” van) of weatherstripping
  • Includes Installation tool


10x8x3 2lbs

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