Owl Solo Aluminum Bumper/Brush Guard VS30 (2019-Present)

Sale price$2,150.00 CAD


The Solo is an all-aluminum bumper that comes in at a 17lbs. The unit is laser cut, computer formed, and hand TIG welded by Owl's master welders. The end result is a rugged and beautifully designed piece of equipment.

The Solo blends seamlessly into the front end like it's a factory option. Solo is the perfect platform to mount off-road lights to keep things illuminated when you're on that lonely trail. 

The Solo doesn't require relocating or adjusting the onboard safety sensors. The factory radar sensor, adaptive cruise, emergency brake assist, and front-facing camera all remain untouched. The parking sensors simply snap into the Solo and you're good to go. 

Additionally, the Solo does not require any cutting or modifying of the factory bumper If you are running sensors you do have to drill holes in plastic.


  • Fits 2019-Present Sprinter Vans. 2500 Only
  • Fits 4wd. 2wd requires additional bumper trimming 
  • Colour: Black (Mesh: Black, Gunmetal or Tan)
  • Lightweight (17lbs)
  • Bolts on in about 15 minutes. Running sensors can add about 10 minutes
  • No changes needed to the radar sensor or camera
  • 3/16" Aluminum construction with steel mounting brackets
  • Light mounting options
  • Includes license plate mounting holes
  • Not winch compatible
  • Cutout for tow hook use
  • *Lights (Baja LP4) and Light Mounts Not Included
  • *May not be compatible with 3500's or Sprinters with gas engines

**The Solo bumper is intended as a brush guard and is not designed to protect against an animal strike or in any way add to the protection of the van.


Price in CAD, FOB BC

Images from owlvans.com

Lead Time is 5-6 weeks

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