OWL Mini Sherpa - fits all B2's

Sale price$375.00 CAD



Expand the functionality of your B2 with the Sherpa Mini. Based on Owl's revolutionary modular Sherpa mounting system, the Sherpa mini squeezes even more options out of your existing B2. Fits B2's 2007-Present


  • Add more storage
  • Raise bike tubes
  • B2 required - does not mount on its own
  • Add strapping holes
  • Layer multiple Sherpa Minis for an incredibly strong Sherpa
  • Sold as individual plates
  • Mounts to B2
  • Laser cut aluminum
  • Powder coated Black
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Works with Box Below
  • Sherpa Mini can be mounted behind bike tubes

**Some earlier B2's have slightly different hold spacing. Some users will require drilling a slightly bigger hole in the Sherpa Mini. The Sherpa Mini is aluminum so there is no corrosion risk if this is necessary.

The Sherpa mini is laser cut from 3/16" aluminum so you can be confident it has the same industry-leading quality Owl is known for. 

Price in CAD, FOB BC 

Please email gear@nirvanaoutfitters.com for a shipping quote.

FREE shipping if ordered with a B2

We will do our best to group orders together to save on shipping charges.

Images from owlvans.com

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