OWL Mini-Monster Box (L Cargo Box)

Sale price$1,825.00 CAD



Size - The biggest box on the market. Owl's new Monster box measures a full 30" (30"x 24"x 16").

Dual-Fold Door - Owl not only wanted to maximize storage but to also provide some new features currently not available in the market. The bottom door folds down providing a stable working area for setting up a grill, food prep or many other tasks. The top door folds up and allows for use of an LED light. Now when you're working at night you can see your work area with just a tap. 

Gear Plates - On the front of the Monster box is Owl's signature hold and slot design allowing you to mount your must-have small trail accessories.

Weight - All aluminum construction means this giant box is still a lightweight 50 lbs

Mounting - While the Monster box can mount to almost anything, it is pre-drilled for the Owl B2 (the recommended mounting structure)

Accessories - To make the bottom door even more work-friendly, Owl CNC'ed a cutting board insert (available soon, sold separately).

Adjustable Shelf - The shelving in the MINI-Monster box is adjustable up and down, you can even add an additional shelf if desired. This means you can pack in four Owl Gear Totes and still have some room above! The Monster box comes standard with one adjustable shelf but more can be purchased separately. 

*Note - If you wish to mount bikes above the Monster box (they will be very high) it can be done with the addition of a Mini-Sherpa. Additional holes will need to be drilled in the Mini Sherpa. 

Price in CAD, FOB BC  (Please email gear@nirvanaoutfitters.com for a shipping quote).

Images from owlvans.com


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