Yankum Nirvana Recovery Kit

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Looking to finally put together all of your recovery gear? We saved you time and put together what we feel is the most essential gear for anyone using their Sprinter Adventure Van to get their buddies out of a tough and most likely embarrassing situation. 

Remember to pair the recovery rope with the recovery vehicle, NOT the stuck vehicle. 

Nirvana Custom Kit

  • 1 Kinetic recovery rope 1" X 30'
  • 1 Receiver Tow point 2"
  • 1 Off-set Winch Snatch Ring
  • 1
  • 2 Soft shackle 7/16"
  • 1 Double Loop Soft Shackle
  • 1 Roll Top Bag L


When performing a winch recovery, start with a single line pull (1:1), and work up to other configurations, ie 2:1 ---> 3:1, etc. The risk of overloading your tow/connection points increases with each additional configuration. Never exceed a 5:1 pull with this ring.

A 4:1 pull should ONLY be done by professionals, using 2 winch rings, a safety catch sling, and double loop 7/16" soft shackles are required. In these configurations, it is easy to exceed the rating of some tow/connection points, you MUST KNOW those ratings before use. 

These are NOT designed for heavy-duty wrecker use. Use ONLY electric bumper-mounted winches rated at 12k lb or less. NEVER use Steel Cable with this ring, Only use a Synthetic (HMPE) winch line no larger than 7/16" diameter. Not for over-head use.

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