Sprinter VS30 Dirt Dodger Terrawagen **Free Shipping**

Sale price$290.00 CAD


Ever notice how the side of your Sprinter always seems to be covered in road spray / mud and dirt?  When you run a larger than stock tire and wheel package, the mud flaps really don't work that well.

Here's the solution!  We call them Dirt Dodger's.  They attach to the bottom of the door and prevent road spray, gravel, and muck from spraying up the side of your van.

They actually work!  The secondary function is that they act as a bumper if you happen to park too close, and if others aren't as careful as you are.

They come as a pair, and attach using 3M VHB tape just like our other protective products. Made from TPO plastic, highly impact resistant.

Fits the 907 Sprinter 2019,2020,2021,2022


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