Sprinter BLACK Sliding door track (2007 to 2021 NCV3 & VS30) **Free Shipping in Canada**

Sale price$315.00 CAD


So you ordered your new Sprinter and it came with a stainless slider door track and it doesn't quite match all the cool black bits you added to it. What to do?

Here's the answer, replace that shiny slider door track with our black track!  Fairly easy install since it just bolts in.  The install is easy if you have access to the inner nuts on a bare interior. Meaning no mounted panels inside.  But, still pretty easy even if you can access the sheet metal once you remove the panel.

Installation requires that you have a support for the bottom of the slider door while the track is being replaced. Swapping out the track is pretty easy. All you need is a T40 and a 10mm socket and ratchet. 

These are 48" long and are for RIGHT slider doors ONLY.  

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