S&B Filters 47 Gallon Replacement Fuel Tank Tank 2019-2022 Sprinter 144" & 170"

Sale price$2,750.00 CAD



2500 & 3500 Chassis

This tank will NOT fit:

  • 144” Dually Vans
  • 170” Crew Vans (1 row of seats)
  • With plumbing/items 24 inches from the rear end of the OEM tank or 19 inches from the rear end of the large rear cross-member.

S&B Tanks are high capacity direct replacements for the OE fuel tank. Allowing for almost double the fuel capacity, so you can go further and not waste time at the pumps. Let us fuel your adventure.

Do you have an Auxiliary Fuel Tank? Read why using these with our tanks will void the Lifetime Warranty.

Important: The fuel gauge will only work accurately on vans with the J51 fuel gauge (optimized for aux. fuel tap). Please call S&B, send a message with your VIN, or consult with your installer to confirm if your van has J51.

 Lead time 3 weeks

For model years 2019-2022

Free Pickup in Salmon Arm. SHIPPING BC, AB $150.  East of AB CANADA $375

Installation in Salmon Arm (please email for an estimate)


On S&B and OEM diesel fuel tanks, there are one or more rollover valves. The rollover valve uses a float/weight to close the valve when the float is immersed in fuel. This prevents fuel leakage in the event of a rollover. Gravity feed tanks or electronically controlled feed tanks can overfill the S&B or OEM tank. If/when the tank is overfilled, the rollover valves will prematurely close. Without the required vapor space in the tank, this violates the “overfill restriction” requirement of 49 CFR 393.76(12)(i). An overfilled tank can lead to a pressurized fuel tank, leaking, and tank failure.

Therefore, the use of a gravity feed tank or electronically controlled transfer tanks (that allow the S&B tank to overfill) in conjunction with a S&B Tank is dangerous and will void the S&B Tank warranty.

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