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Side: Driver
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Vans look spacious but once built out, they quickly run out of storage. Worse, small items quickly get lost in the shuffle or spend their life rattling in a drawer. We fell in love with these new quality visor pouches because they are incredible quality and they pull to remove allowing you to move them to where you need them. We also include a signal mirror for the backside of the visor that you can use as a quick reference mirror for your visor. 

The Fieldcraft Survival Mobility Modular Visor Panel is a quick access panel that attaches to the visor panel in your vehicle using hook and loop straps. The panel is intended to be used with the Fieldcraft Pouches or the Fieldcraft Tourniquet holder using hook and loop or molle attachments. The Visor Panel is complete with a panel backing that attaches to your visor panel, as well as the hook and loop quick tear-away panel that can be removed in emergencies with all of the contents intact, or can be removed and integrated into our other modular bags. This panel version is the driver's side configuration which includes both the medical pouch and the general-purpose (logo) pouch. Other pouches and the Fieldcraft Survival Tourniquet Holder sold separately. 

Increase your preparedness with the Fieldcraft Survival Visor Panel!

 Key Features:

  • THESE ARE VAN SPECIFIC (these are not the same as the normal Field Craft Visor Panels, we have added extended straps and the additional signal mirror)
  • Driver side panel 
  • Hook and Loop fasteners attach the backing panel to the visor panel
  • Quick detach hook and loop removable panel for quick-access
  • Compact, sleek design
  • Quality material for long-lasting use
  • Two pouches included (medical and general-purpose logo pouches)
  • The panel is 12.5 inches x 4.5 inches tall

  Lead Time: 4-6 weeks (estimate)

 Images from owlvans.com

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