SPRINTER DIPSTICK (2019-2022 V6 ONLY) **Free Shipping in Canada

Sale price$65.00 CAD


Not for AWD!

The VS30 Sprinter 2019-2022 does not come with a dipstick. Instead, these vans use a digital gauge in the instrument cluster. This gauge can lead to under/overfilling because it can be slow to react and requires long distances to get an accurate reading. Many Sprinter owners have found themselves at the side of the road trying to drain hot oil out of their vans because they mistakenly overfilled their engines (which can cause damage). Get simple this simple reliable Mercedes factory dipstick so you always accurately know your oil level. 


  • Fits: Sprinter VS30 2500&3500 (2019-2022)
  • OEM Mercedes part


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