OWL Explorer Ladder Tire Carrier VS30 (2019-2024)

HINGE STYLE: Please add 180 Degree hinges to my order
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Introducing the NEW Explorer Ladder + Tire Carrier. This new Ladder + Tire Carrier combines the incredibly popular mountable steps from our Explorer Side Ladder with our iconic Ladder + Tire Carrier. This new design expands the function of the Ladder + Tire carrier to allow for mounting additional accessories on the rungs of the ladder. Additionally, this new step design expands the foot pad creating an even more stable platform to climb. Lastly, these new steps just look fantastic....but then again we are biased ;)

The Owl Ladder + Tire Carrier was pioneered by Owl and has now become iconic in the Adventure Van industry. Years of development and testing have led to one of the most functional and bulletproof products on the market. The Owl Ladder + Tire Carrier for Sprinter is the seamless integration of two great products into a single unit. Get all the functionality of a ladder to access your roof as well as mount a full-sized tire. 

Trail Tested - The Owl team is obsessed with quality and they abuse their gear on the toughest trails in the world. This means that when you order an Owl Ladder you are getting thousands of miles of torture testing before that gear ever reaches you. When you’re off the beaten path, miles from rescue, you can rely on your Owl gear to get you home.

Why Mount A Tire On The Rear? 
This is a common question and the answer is simple. If you're going to be taking your van off-road, then you're going to need a full-sized spare. A full-sized spare is literally the first and most important piece of gear you can take off-road. The OEM space under the van is undersized for a proper spare. Even if you can stuff your tire under, it can often be hard or impossible to get out in muddy or off-road conditions. Remember, you should always prepare your van up for when things go wrong not when they go right. 

Quality - Owl uses a more expensive but bendable aluminum alloy which allows them to make the product stronger and lighter. Other companies use cuts and welds instead of mandrel bends. Bends are always stronger than cuts and welds. This is why the Owl team works to take out as many cuts and welds as possible even if it means the product is harder to build.

Trust - When you buy Owl you are getting the backing of the originators and still the industry leader in rear door carriers. This means years of rock-solid performance and literally millions of customer miles ensure you can count on your Owl Ladder + Tire Carrier. 

Weight - Owl manufactures the Ladder + Tire Carrier to be incredibly lightweight while still incredibly rugged. Master welders take computer bent and cut aluminum tubing and TIG weld each joint to ensure perfect fit and performance. Nirvana encourages you to look at the welds and fit of Owl gear, even to the untrained eye, the attention to detail is instantly apparent. 

Installation - Owl designs all of their products to be DIY friendly with easy to follow and detailed Youtube Videos that walk you through the process. Remember if you don’t feel comfortable, reach out to Glen at Nirvana to either install or suggest an professional close to you to install all your gear. 

Usability - The Ladder + Tire carrier was designed for ease of use from the beginning. Foot pegs extend low below the tire to make climbing easy. The tire is situated as low as possible (without blocking the license plate) so that one person can easily get the tire on/off without assistance. A steel support hoop adds strength and carrier the weight of the tire while being secured (tightening the spin-on handle). A spin-on tire handle allows access to the spare tire in seconds without tools.

  • Works with hinges on Revel and Storyteller
  • Fits Sprinter VS30 (2019 to Present)
  • Does not interfere with Parking Assist sensors on most vans (see FAQ page for fixing if it does)
  • All TIG Welded Aluminum
  • Requires 180˚ hinges (See hinge info below).
  • Selecting 270˚ hinges below will add to your order the Factory Mercedes Benz Hinge Replacement kit.
  • Lightweight (25 lbs)
  • Additional foot pegs on side tube (see images)
  • Spin-on tire holder with locking option
  • Adjust for different wheel/tire sizes (over 33" could require trimming of MB badge)
  • Powder Coated Black
  • DIY friendly with step by step install video
  • Opens with the door (nothing to swing out of the way or bumpers to buy)
  • Compatible with vans with rear windshield wipers
  • No need to relocate the license plate
  • No need to remove or swap out the Mercedes badge
  • Product requires drilling a single hole in the door. Template included. 
  • NOTE - The bottom hoop no longer has welded box tabs to mount a box (due to 99% of people mounting a tire). If you wish to mount a box, please get a "Box Mounting Tab" from our site in addition to your purchase

Works for 2500 & 3500. If you have a 3500, you need an extra part, please state that you have a 3500 in the order notes when ordering so we can make sure to add the extra plate.

 What Type Of Hinges Do I Have?

There are two types of hinges that come on the VS30 MB Sprinter (2019+) vans, 180˚ and 270˚. Owl carriers require the 180˚ hinges or a set of our modified 270˚ hinges (sold separately). All Winnebago REVELs have 180˚ hinges. If you purchased your van with 270˚ hinges, you will need to order a set of 180° hinges from the drop-down menu below.

To figure out what type of hinges you have there are a few easy options:

  • Look at the below image. If you have holes in your hinges then you have the 180˚ hinges (top in the image).
  • If your doors open all the way and fold flat along the side of the van you have the 270˚ hinges.

Departure angle:

Even if you don’t know what departure angle is, you have experienced it. Ever scrapped your trailer hitch while going in and out of a steep driveway? That’s because that trailer hitch limits your ability to climb a steep angle the same way a bumper-mounted swing out system does. Owl carriers keep all of your gear up high away from water, road debris, and most importantly, don’t limit your vans off-roading capabilities.

Install video:  https://youtu.be/SwLBCKG_puE

Shipping in Canada 

BC & AB - $110 CAD   

QB, ON, SK, MB, NB, NS, NL, YT, NT, NU - $189 CAD

For combined items, please email gear@nirvanaoutfitters.com for rate

    Free Pickup @ Nirvana in Salmon Arm BC. 

    Install @ Nirvana $120, $180 with hinges

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