Owl ACTIONTRAX Traction Boards (PAIR)

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The Metal Tooth Version features 72 pre-installed metal "teeth".  Metal teeth provide a much greater "grab" on the tire and do not wear down like polymer teeth do with wheel spin.  US made 1/4" 20 TPI x 3/4" galvanized steel bolts with washers and nylock nuts.

Beware: For Heavy Duty and Extreme Use ONLY. Metal Teeth can damage standard tires if you spin your wheels. For Experienced Users and Extreme Use ONLY.

  • 100% Made In America.
  • Improved design with input from elite military units and winning Baja 1000 racers.
  • Featuring a sawtooth end for better material clearing capabilities.
  • Quick link system to make temporary roads with whatever cording or flex-cuffs may already be in your kit.
  • Pre-formed drill bit alignment holes on the bottom of each tooth allows for easy repair with easy to source standard hardware.
  • Larger hand holds for gloves and big hands.
  • Improved material composition and UV Stabilizer.
  • Designed to be multi-purpose and allow you to repair burnt teeth in the field. 

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