Overland Screens - Transit (2013 to 2023) **Free Shipping**

Sale price$229.00 CAD


**New Stock on its way Mid July 2024

Overland Screens are custom fit to the contours of your vehicle and fold down for storage.

Overland Screens are built with small insect screen to ensure better protection from no-see-ums, gnats, sand flies and other small insects. Also the Louvered design helps shed rain.

Every Overland Screens come with a protective carrying case for easy storage.

Overland Screens we are mindful of our impact on the environment and repurpose cutting house scraps to make our storage bags so your bag color will vary across an array of tasteful colors.  

Each screen comes with it's own storage bag, one per side.

Overland Screens work in conjunction with your exhaust fan to increase airflow and comfort in your van. By increasing air circulation Overland Screens help reduce condensation, control temperature and eliminate stale air from your van.  

Overland Screens uses Solid Modeling, leading edge FDM 3D Printing* and Stainless Steel Hardware to create screens in Oregon, USA.

*3D Printed Parts will have small inconstancies in surface finish, but it will not impact the performance of the product.

You can order your screens direct form Overland Screens or order stock in Canada with free shipping.  Know your cost.   Direct for $129 + $29.60 shipping = $158.60 USD ($219 CAD)  Canada Post will collect GST and the Brokerage charge?  

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