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When Ford designed the front end of the Transit, they had fleet work in mind. It's a simple front suspension layout, and aside from the toe setting, there is no adjustment.  

Our adjustable lower control arm solves this oversight from Ford by adding a simple to use cam bolt set the camber into specification easily on either side of the vehicle.  Clamped in place on 2 axes by pinch bolts, and with a precision cam holding the alignment, you'll get the adjustment and retention needed to maximize performance and tire life. Taking a cue from high end off road race cars, we've also incorporated features that allow the arm to tuck up high into the chassis for better clearance. These robust arms are made from laser cut and precision bent steel, then welded on a fixture in our facility.

Unlike the competition, we do NOT use a rod end (AKA heim, or spherical bearing) on our arms for numerous reasons. First, they simply do not hold up to the elements outside of the dry climate of the southern desert regions. Second, and more importantly, they transmit a lot of extra noise, vibration, and harshness into the cabin. Don't be fooled by 'race car' parts, they don't belong on adventure vans! Instead, we use high quality polyurethane bushings that allow all the deflection needed for our arms to easily cycle through the range of travel, while isolating the driver and passengers from unwanted clunks, pops, and thuds. Polyurethane also holds up much better against harsh chemicals used in winter environments.

This control arm is designed specifically for vehicles equipped with the Van Compass Topo 2.0 Lift kit. The rear control arm bushing and camber correction is designed specifically around our 2.0” lift kit. We cannot guarantee compatibility with other manufacturer’s lift kits.

Recommended Shop Labor Time: 7 Hours

Van must be professionally aligned after installation! Adverse tire wear and driving characteristics will result if van is not properly aligned.

Lead Time: Current Lead Time is early spring 2024 get your deposit in!

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