Fiamma F80S Roof Mount 13'2" (4.0m) Deep Black case, grey fabric ** New Transit Option**

Sale price$2,200.00 CAD


Designed for roof mount installation.  

  • 13'2" Length, perfect fit for 170"WB
  • 8'2" Extension
  • Manual operation
  • Highly resistant reinforced articulated arms
  • Auto-Lock self-locking winch safety system
  • Dual Security System
  • Telescopic Legs Allow Lead Bar Height Regulation
  • 5-layer, double-sided vinyl fabric
  • Deep Black housing 
  • Royal Grey vinyl fabric color 
  • Roof mounted
  • Roof brackets required
  • Transit Option available for the first time!

SHIPPING BC, AB $130.  East of AB $350

We have roof mount solutions for Sprinters, Transit and Promasters without the need for a roof rack.  Email today with your quetions.


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