On Board Air System kit - Sprinter VS30 (2019+) Van Compass ARB *Free Shipping**


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One of the most important pieces of adventure vehicle prep is on board air. Lowering air pressures is one of the most important tricks any Overlander has up their sleeve to improve traction, stability, and ride comfort off pavement...but without a way to put air back in, you're in a canoe without a paddle. Further, we couldn't imagine venturing off the beaten path without a way to put air back in your tire in case of a boo boo. 

Our Airline kit pairs with our existing VS30 Sprinter Air Compressor mounting bracket and the industry benchmark 'ARB Twin' compressor to create a cleanly packaged, easy to use, high output system. This kit uses lightweight and flexible DOT rated air lines made to handle the abuse of long haul trucking, and high quality push-to-connect fittings with integrated mounting holes. Our kit includes 3 quick release air chucks with aluminum mounting brackets: 1 front (accessible with the hood closed!) and 2 rear ports. We include a 25 foot coiled hose with locking air chuck to ensure easy and quick setup, fill up, and pack down. 

Portable compressor kits take up valuable storage space and can be cumbersome to setup. Our competitors kits involve popping the hood, or using multiple hoses at once. We've been doing this for decades, 1 hose is all you need, and allows you to be more precise filling each tire, with minimal gear to fumble with.

The proven capability and massive CFM output of the ARB Twin air compressor is perfect for airing up high volume off road tires back to highway/loaded pressures. Our complete on board air system gives you the convenience to use it to its full potential.

Sprinter Air Compressor Mount Installation Instructions

Recommended Shop Labor Time: 4-8 Hour

20x20x6 12lbs w plate

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