Agile Offroad Driveshaft Spacer Safety kit for AWD (2022 to 2024) 2500 **FREE SHIPPING**

Sale price$159.00 CAD


    The AO Driveshaft Spacer Safety Kit for the front AWD driveshaft was designed to reduce the tolerances at the front differential pinion, preventing the driveshaft from surpassing the factory retaining clip’s limits. The AO Driveshaft Spacer Safety Kit also can hold the Sprinter driveshaft from fall-out if the factory retaining clip fails.

    For more information on the AO Driveshaft Spacer Safety Kit For The AWD Sprinter see our blog post here.

    Kit Includes:

    • Spacer
    • (6) 12pt 10mm Alloy Bolts
    • 10mm Impact socket
    • RED thread sealer

    Material : 6061 Billet Aluminum


    AOR06-Instructions-compressed.pdf (

    Price in CAD, FOB BC

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